Plans and Pricing

By becoming part of our community, you have the chance to meet regularly with like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders. These are the change makers of our economy, who can help you to start and grow your business.


 Picking up new ideas, finding solutions to business problems and connecting with the right people to help you to reach your goals is what it’s all about, and why joining TEGstartup is one of the best decisions can make.

Mentoring Tailored to You

Our mentoring packages have been put together with you and your business in mind to make sure that wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey you are supported by people who want to help and that you feel a part of a growing community that can help you along the way.

Choose to pay monthly on a rolling 30 day contract as it’s so easy, plus you only have to give us 30 days’ notice that you would like to cancel your membership. It’s that easy!

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